"For the past 30 years, I have provided a high quality service to many fine dining outlets and Luxury hotels around the world. Today as an F&B Consultant, I continue to bring these same standards and expertise to your business."

What is an F&B Consultant?

Foodies all around the world, get excited! The culinary world is an exciting explosion of talent, experimentation, and great quality food selections.

But creating excellent food and making a business out of it are two very different skills. That’s where the specialized talents of F&B Consultants come into the kitchen. They combine their passion for food with their knowledge of marketing and business practices to offer up advice on everything from restaurant location to recipe development.

An F&B Consultant works with a range of culinary professionals. From the small traditional restaurant to larger banqueting operations skills are put to work. And each job flexes different muscles in your repertoire of talents. Most companies come looking for ways to improve or grow their business.

That might mean making changes to the menu, revamping the dining area, rebranding the company, or keeping an eye out for potential food company take-overs. Whether considering a major makeover or the simple incorporation of local produce into a meal, never go in uneducated. Consultants, with a background in business and culinary arts will track food industry trends, perform market research, and run the numbers so your advice is always right for the circumstance at hand.